V.K is an iconic Asian pop pianist and composer from Taiwan. He has been reputed by fans around the world to be the “Jay Chou of Pop Piano” for his amazing compositional talent and virtuoso performances. V.K never confines his music to specific styles or genres. In addition to his own studio albums, he also makes music for multiple video games, advertisements, TV series, and films. Over these years, he has made some of the greatest hit songs and become one of the most popular crossover artists in Taiwan.
In 2009, V.K released his debut album “鏡夜”(Reflection) of his own instrumental compositions. It became an overnight success, even beating Kevin Kern’s previously undefeated album on KKBOX Music Chart.
In 2010, V.K released his second studio album “愛.無限”(Love, Infinity), which again went viral and topped music charts. In November, he debuted his piano concert at Taipei Jhungshan Auditorium, setting a new record for crossover instrumental music in Asia.
In 2011, V.K published the I am Infinity photo book and started to hold book signings and concerts across Taiwan. In the same year, he acted as the music director of the film ”麵引子”(Four Hands) directed by Golden Horse Award-winning director Youning Lee.
In 2012, V.K held his first concert tour “I am Infinity”, starting in Taipei and ending in Shanghai. In August, he founded “Wings of Piano International Music Competition”, the first music competition in Asia that uses works from the artist himself as compulsory pieces and allows contestants to play along with official backing tracks. Every year during the competition, there’s not only a live audience but also a number of viewers following the live stream. It has become one of the most relevant instrumental music competitions.
After the release of his second album, V.K’s music has been globally acclaimed. Numerous hits such as “鏡夜”[Reflection (Mirror Night)], “琴之翼”(Wings of Piano), and “Evolution Era” have topped music charts at home and abroad.
In 2013, V.K scored the TV series “蘭陵王”(Prince of Lan Ling). He composed the ending song “手掌心”(Palming Love) sung by Della Ding, which won Best TV Soundtrack Single of the Year along with many other awards. He also performed in the music video, which has gained over 110 million views on YouTube. In the same year, he released his third studio album “第三樂章”(The 3rd Movement), the first album in Taiwan to include works from different films and video games. Meanwhile, he started to perform in cities across North and South America and Europe such as Vancouver, San Jose, Chicago, Orlando, Rome, and Columbia. He also scored “延續自己的聲音篇” from the “裝滿的生活時光” series on Hakka TV Station directed by Leading Lee, which won the 48th Golden Bell Awards for Best Advertising Campaign.
In 2014, V.K acted as the music director of the film “到不了的地方”(Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere) directed by Leading Lee. He composed the homonymous theme song featuring the Golden Melody Award-winning singer Jam Hsiao. The soundtracks were nominated for the Apollo Awards (Sound Design category). In the same year, he scored the TV series “離婚律師”(Divorce Lawyers) starring Rolling Wu and Yao Chen, which received the best ratings in China in August. He invited the singer Christine Fan to record one of the soundtracks “與愛為鄰”(Neighbor with love). He also produced an album for Muso Band, the first crossover all-female Chinese orchestra in Taiwan. The album is a mix of many different genres including traditional music, electronic music, pop, and rock. It created a new image for Chinese orchestral music.
Only two years into film scoring and pop song writing, V.K, who started his career as a pianist, has already been collaborating with many A-list singers such as Della Ding, Jam Hsiao, and Christine Fan. Due to his one-of-a-kind writing style, these singers had to somewhat adjusted their usual singing voice, which surprises their fan base.
In 2015, V.K re-collaborated with the team of Prince Lan Ling. He scored their new TV series “千金女賊”(Lady & Liar) and wrote the ending song “桃花結”(Peach Blossom Knot). He also wrote the video game theme song “Adventure” featuring the singer Bii. In December, he released his fourth studio album “Our Story – Best of V.K” in Taiwan and Japan, which immediately topped the instrumental music chart on Amazon. In December, he held the “Best for You” concert at the hall of Taipei International Convention Center, filling all 3000 seats. The audience included the director Frankie Chen of “我的少女時代”(Our Times) and Taiwan’s top astrologer Jesse Tang.
In 2016, V.K acted as the music director of the epic TV drama “幻城”(Ice Fantasy) based on Chinese writer Guo Jingming’s bestselling novel. After composing over 50 soundtracks, he headed to the U.S. and recorded with Boston Symphony Orchestra. The OST was nominated for Best Instrumental Recording Album at the 28th Golden Melody Awards. It was a huge milestone in V.K’s career. In August, he held a concert with the student orchestra of his alma mater Keelung Municipal Cheng-Kung Elementary School. In December, he collaborated with the rhythm game “Lethe”.
In 2017, V.K held the “有生之年”(Lifetimes) concert tour in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In October, he performed with Keelung Chinese Orchestra at the concert “基隆潮藝術《域見》”. In December, he re-collaborated with the team of “奇迹暖暖”(Miracle Nikki) and made multiple soundtracks for their latest video game "戀與製作人”(EVOLxLOVE). The game has been downloaded over 7 million times, and its music has been highly acclaimed by fans across the globe.
In 2018, he held the mini concert tour “Those Days” to relive the touching moments together with his fans. In the same year, he scored the TV series “泡沫之夏”(Summer’s Desire) and invited the singers Calvin Hu (Hu Xia), Joanne Tseng (Tseng Chih-Chiao), and Sophie Zhang (Zhang Xue Ying) to record some of the songs. In November, he held the “時空漣漪”(Ripples in Spacetime) concert tour in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, the tickets for which were sold out in less than two hours. In December, he released his 10th anniversary album “光 無盡墜落的美麗”(Endless Falling Lights). He collaborated with Bösendorfer to shoot the music videos for the title track, as well as the other single Blue Moon Shadow. It was the first time that he used plenty CGI effects in his music video.
In 2019, V.K continued his “時空漣漪”(Ripples in Spacetime) concert tour in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. In October, he was invited as a special guest to perform at “GameStart Asia”, the largest game convention in Singapore.
In September of 2020, V.K released a digital album “Endless Falling Lights : Supernova”, in which two of the songs were co-written with Japanese musician NAOTO, majiko, and Ueda Marie. This was V.K’s first step into the J-pop music scene. In December, he released “Be With You (Original Web Series Soundtrack)”, in which he composed four songs, featuring famous singers such as Kuo Shu-yao and Kimberley Chen, and 21 soundtracks, collaborating with many team members to make different styles of music.
In 2021, in order to encourage beginners to play more pieces made by Taiwanese composers, V.K published his elementary level sheet music book “V.K Elementary Piano Collection Vol. 1”. The book includes lots of cute drawings and stickers for kids. Throughout the years, many participants of the music competition he founded back in 2012 have decided to got into the music industry and been doing great.

V.K’s music is innovative, inspiring, and beyond genre. Aside from writing the solo piano pieces, he’s also good at using a single instrument to play the melody, string instruments to support the harmony, or sometimes even an entire orchestra for an epic style. By creating the virtuosic “V.K-ish piano rap style” beloved by numerous teenage fans, he has surely redefined how piano was played.
V.K has a unique musical style that moves the audience and touches their heart without language. He has been performing across Europe, Asia, North and South America, gaining hearts and minds of fans around the world with his incredible musical talent. V.K’s music will definitely continue to shine across the globe.
Awards & Achievements
  • Multiple albums topping KKBOX Music Chart
  • Multiple albums included in the top 100 items on books.com.tw in 6 consecutive years
  • “手掌心”(Palming Love) gaining over 100 million views on YouTube
  • “手掌心”(Palming Love) winning Monmilk MusicRadio’s Best TV Song of the Year
  • “手掌心”(Palming Love) nominated for Most Loved TV Song at Anhui TV’s Domestic TV series Ceremony, 2013
  • “手掌心”(Palming Love) winning the 9th KKBOX Music Awards for Best TV Soundtracks of the Year
  • “手掌心”(Palming Love) winning Best TV Song at Hito Pop Music Awards Ceremony
  • “Evolution era” topping the instrumental music chart on Japan iTunes, 2014, 2015
  • “第三樂章”(The 3rd Movement) nominated for the 25th Golden Melody Awards for Best Crossover Instrumental Album
  • “到不了的地方”(Anywhere, Somewhere, Nowhere) nominated for the Apollo Awards (Sound Design Category), 2015
  • “Our Story – Best of V.K” topping the instrumental music chart on Amazon
  • “幻城”(Ice Fantasy) OST nominated for the 28th Golden Melody Awards for Best Instrumental Recording Album
  • “Lethe” winning Best Audio Award at Taipei Game Show
  • “Lethe” winning indiePlay’s Best Soundtrack and Sound Award
  • “Lethe” winning “金猿獎”(Golden Ape Award) for Best Music, 2016
  • “Lethe” nominated for TAPTAP’s Best Rhythm Game of the Year
  • “時空漣漪”(Ripples in Spacetime) concert tour in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, 2019
  • “時空漣漪”(Ripples in Spacetime) concert tour in Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing, 2018
  • “Those Days” mini concert tour in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, 2018
  • “有生之年”(Lifetimes) concert tour in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, 2017
  • “Best for You” concert in Keelung, 2016
  • “Best for You” concert at the hall of Taipei International Convention Center, 2015
  • “第三樂章”(The 3rd Movement) concert at National Concert Hall in Taipei, 2013
  • “琴迷上海” concert in Shanghai, 2012
  • “I am Infinity” concert in Shanghai, 2012
  • “I am Infinity” concert tour in Taiwan, 2012
  • “愛‧無限”(Love, Infinity) concert at Taipei Jhungshan Auditorium, 2010
Guest Appearances
  • “藝術包廂系列” at Nankang Software Park held by Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Press conference of the teenage TV show “My Class” by Chinese Public Television
  • Opening concert of Lavender CottAge - Moncoeur
  • Jewelry & Watch Show and New Year’s Eve Party at Taipei 101
  • Film premiere of “麵引子”(Four Hands)
  • End of Year Concert at ING Far Eastern International Securities Company
  • “Love ¥ Infinity” concert at Taipei Cultural Center
  • Quanta Performing Arts Festival and “擁抱Always” charity concert by Quanta Arts Foundation
  • “Love , Infinity” concert at Industrial Bank of Taiwan
  • “琴驚四座” concert at National Chiao Tung University
  • Press conference and concert at “TECLandArts Festival”
  • “Rayark Live” Concert in Taipei
  • “基隆潮藝術《域見》”with Keelung Chinese Orchestra -
  • “Ranger Stories— TCO Game Concert” with Taipei Chinese Orchestra
  • “敦弦之翼” benefit concert with String Orchestra of Taipei Municipal Dun Hua Junior High School
  • Jin Chang’s “《京城大團圓》以帽取人”Birthday Party
Guest Appearances Abroad
  • Enjoy Piano Music Center in Shanghai, China
  • Abbott Laboratories’ Global Manager Conference in Vancouver, Canada
  • AbbVie China’s Press Conference in Shanghai, China
  • AbbVie’s Legal Conference in Chicago, USA
  • AbbVie Latin America’s Earning Conference in Orlando, USA
  • Abbott Laboratories’ Global Manager Conference in Rome, Italy
  • Abbott Laboratories’ Commercial Performance in Colombia
  • Rayark Con Live in Beijing, China
  • Rayark Con Live in Shanghai, China
  • Firefly ACG Expo in Guangzhou, China
  • V.K & Friends from Enjoy Piano concert tour in Hangzhou & Shanghai, China
  • 1st TAPTAP Carnival in Shanghai, China
  • 2019 GameStart Asia in Singapore
Commercial Videos & Endorsemen
  • Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro CF
  • KORG Digital Pianos Endorsement
  • IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro Promotional Video
  • Yamaha reface CP Promotional Video
  • Hatsune Miku Official Mobile Game Promotional Video
  • AbbVie & Taiwan Ascare’s (Ankylosing Spondylitis Caring Society of R.O.C.) Patient Care Video